Aug 282007

By 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, CSU pulled a story from the front page of its Web site that hailed the school as 62nd among public universities – a promotion that received harsh criticism from the Collegian editorial board Monday.

In the process of trying to report our school’s seemingly illustrious ranking, reporters found CSU’s presentation of a study published by U.S. News and World Report wasn’t altogether honest.

That study, published in the magazine’s 2008 “America’s Best Colleges” edition, showed CSU was caught in a seven-way tie for 124th when compared to other institutions. But the school opted to ignore the objective rating and reported its ranking relative only to public schools, which was a pretty 62 slot.

Whether or not the university recognized its convenient statistical manipulation, the fact remains that they threw the press release in the archives after someone started asking questions.

So, did CSU make a boo-boo? Certainly.

And many prospective Rams may have been misguided in their college search. This is not to say, however, that CSU isn’t a good school. We’re just not 62nd.

If the university truly wishes to address its problems with funding, they might first want to be transparent with their constituency – the students.

In competing for fresh bodies to fill its desks, the university forgot there’s seldom wiggle room when it comes to honesty. And a little honesty goes a long way.

They can start with an apology to students.

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