Aug 272007
Authors: Nikki Cristello

The CSU Police Department is investigating the possibility that a student brought a non-poisonous bull snake into a class Wednesday.

The snake bit one unidentified female student, who was reportedly not seriously injured. The student was attempting to pick the snake up when it bit her, students in the class said.

Details of the ongoing investigation are not currently being released, said CSUPD spokesperson Jackie Swaro in an e-mail.

The snake was discovered in Clark A101 – one of the largest lecture halls on campus/ – just after instructor Stu Field began his lecture around 2 p.m.

Field described the reptile as a bull snake of decent size.

Brittany Bellefeuille, a freshman chemical engineering major, said other than a survey posted by Field during class, there has not been mention of the incident since Wednesday.

“Most people said the snake was about four feet long in the survey,” she said.

Witnesses said a worried student in the class removed the snake before Facilities Management could get to it. The student, a male, allegedly put the snake in his backpack and left class immediately.

“I wasn’t letting the snake hang out,” Field said in an interview Wednesday. “In retrospect there was no real danger.”

Field said Wednesday that he thinks the snake was carried into the building.

“I have a feeling someone brought it in,” he said. “Its not likely a bull snake would wander on campus, let alone in a building, then a hall and classroom.”

Students or staff with information regarding this case should call CSUPD at (970) 491-6425.

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