Aug 232007

“The cool thing to do while riding no-hands is to grab your backpack straps and

ride like the wind!”

“There are snakes roaming through the hallways attacking students? I think we need to call Harry Potter for this one.”

“My roommate and I won four fish at Ramapalooza. Three have since died. For a while we thought we were just horrible fish owners, until we blamed it on the last fish and said he was a murderer.”

“Why does Freakshow Tatoo have an ad in the collegian featuring liquor + gun = dead person and reminding us to “ball” responsibly? Is it because CSU is so gangsta?”

“To the girl I walked with back to her apartment on Friday and gave me the wrong number: ouch.”

“I kept getting great ideas but my shoulder angel keeps saying, “Don’t do that; you might not graduate!” … So I bit his head off!

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