Aug 232007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

Union workers protested on campus this week against a contractor and subcontractor responsible for the bulk of the construction of CSU’s new Academic Village.

Holding a banner that reads “Shame on you Colorado State University,” the Carpenter’s Union, a Kansas City-based labor group, is lashing at the university for its affiliation to contractor Whiting-Turner and their subcontractor Diversified Builders.

Of the $42 million that CSU spent on the Academic Village project, $36 million went to Denver-based contractor Whiting-Turner who, in turn, subcontracted to Diversified Builders.

The group charges that Diversified Builders doesn’t pay area standard wages and possibly employs undocumented workers

The union sent a letter to CSU asking them to have no further affiliation with what they call “rat contractors.”

CSU has a drafted reply, which is currently in review, said university spokesperson Dell Rae Moellenberg.

University officials say CSU had no knowledge of Diversified Builder’s employment practices or their contract with Whiting-Turner.

“As a state institution, the university is required by law to accept the lowest competent bid for such a project,” CSU said in a statement Thursday. “In addition, the university’s legal contract with the general contractor that wins any construction bid . requires that all arrangements and contracts with contractors are their responsibility.”

The union has placed banners in other areas of Colorado as well, including one on Court Place near 15th Street in Denver that reads, “Shame on Diversified Builders, Inc. for jeopardizing the standard of living of hard working Coloradoans.”

Diversified Builders has not returned calls or e-mails made by Collegian staff.

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