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Aug 222007

Riley Arp, sophomore, golf, Fort Collins, Colo.

-What’s on my iPod: everything

-The last movie I saw was: “Bourne Ultimatum”

-My summer was: golfing, fishing and working


-The Mike Vick situation is: ridiculous

Kristen Anthony, sophomore, cross country, Colorado Springs, Colo.

-What’s on my iPod: Paris Hilton

-The last movie: “Transformers”

-My summer was: hot

-Xbox 360

-the Mike Vick situation is: disgusting

Jeff Horenik, junior, football, Atwood, Kan.

-iPod: a country mix

-The last movie I saw: “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”

-My summer was: busy


-The Mike Vick situation is: a debacle

Steve Stanard, defensive coordinator, football, Lincoln, Neb.

-iPod: I listen to talk radio, 710 AM

-The last movie I saw was: one of the Star Wars movies

-My summer was: awesome

-Xbox/PS3: PS2 “I play 007. I can only operate two buttons at

once, so that’s all I can do”

-The Mike Vick situation is: unfortunate for everyone involved

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