Stragglers get rooms

Aug 212007
Authors: Laura Anderson

With 54 no-shows on move-in day, students in overflow housing should be moving into their final assignments this week.

The university had to wait until noon on Monday to re-assign those 54 slots to allow no-shows an opportunity to confirm or deny their positions. Students living in temporary housing received their final room assignments Tuesday.

Tonie Miyamoto, director of communications for Housing and Dining Services, said space is no longer a concern.

“We have 29 students in overflow housing and 54 no-shows so we should have plenty of room,” Miyamoto said.

Students in overflow can wait to move until their schedules allow it, Miyamoto said. Also, if they box up their things, Housing and Dining will help them relocate.

Whitney Taylor, a freshman English major who is currently residing in overflow housing in Allison Hall, isn’t looking forward to the hassle of moving again.

“It’ll be nice to be somewhere permanent, but I don’t want to move,” Taylor said.

Taylor, along with most students in overflow housing, received her final room assignment on Tuesday.

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