LTTE: “Going Organic”

Aug 192007

Dear Editor,

In response to the article “Going Organic” (8/1/07), there was a glaring omission from the discussion of organic products. While animals killed for organic meat may be drug- and chemical-free, they can be subjected to the same types of cruelty that occur in factory farms, as long as they are not dosed with drugs or given food that was treated with pesticides. As a result, many animals killed for organic food suffer in ways that would horrify the vast majority of people. If these kinds of abuses were done to dogs and cats, it would warrant felony cruelty to animal’s charges.

Animals on organic farms routinely suffer through the same mutilations that occur in factory farms. This includes cattle having their horns sawed off and their testicles cut out of their scrotums. Pigs may have their tails chopped off, and chunks of their ears cut out. Chickens on organic egg farms usually have their beaks burnt off. None of these animals are given any painkillers. At the end of their lives, they often end up going to the same slaughterhouses that factory farmed animals go to, which may involve skinning and dismembering animals while they’re still fully conscious.

With so many vegetarian and vegan products widely available these days, including BBQ “riblets” and veggie “chicken” sandwiches, there’s no excuse for continuing to support such cruelty. For more information on vegetarianism, visit to order a free vegetarian starter kit, as well as stickers and a DVD.


Ryan Huling

College Campaign Coordinator,

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