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The songs of CSU are a mainstay of the university’s traditions, roared during athletic events and serenaded at award ceremonies. A few are seasoned odes from the early years of CSU, while others can be considered less classy or even tasteless; one song has even been stricken from athletic events. Whomever they appeal to, they can be heard from anywhere between football games to board meetings.

CSU’s Fight Song is one among many of songs and chants that can be heard at athletic events. Created in 1957 when Colorado A&M became Colorado State, CSU’s Fight Song is generally played after the Rams score.

There is a short version of the song played when the Rams are given an offensive opportunity or make an exciting play, which starts at the lyrics “Knights of Green and Gold” instead of “Fight on you stalwart RAM team”. Other chants include the “Spell Yell”, the “Hey Song”, and “Eat Em’ Up.”

Director of Bands Steven Moore has worked with the marching band and the cheerleaders in coordinating the songs during games, but says there has been a great deal of frustration finding one solid game cheer that actually catches on with the fans.

Moore said he vividly remembers the final seconds of the football match at Folsom Field against CU-Boulder on September 4, 2004. With the Rams at the 1-yard-line, Moore recalled the efforts by the band and cheerleaders to coordinate a single cheer with the crowd, but the scrambled roars of fans ended up drowning out the cheer, and ultimately, the Rams failed to score the touchdown, losing the game.

Moore said he knows that a solid, strong cheer can affect the game’s atmosphere, and wishes that CSU would have a stronger cheer over the clich/d key jingle.

“Why can’t we have one cheer that we do together?” Moore said. “Florida State, they do the Tomahawk chop. That’s what we’ve been trying to create here, but rarely get.”

Moore said that the songs were easy to learn and were created in a specific rotation by the band and cheerleaders, so they were easy for fans to follow.

Another song traditionally sung at CSU football games was “Fum’s Song”, a tune led off by recognized alum Fum McGraw on the big screen between the third and fourth quarters.

As of the 2006 season, CSU officials have removed the song during games, taking it off the big screen and not having the band play along, upsetting students and alumi.

According to past Collegian articles, university spokesman Brad Bohlander said that “Fum’s Song” hadn’t maintained the family-friendly atmosphere sought by both the university administration and athletic department. Attempts by students to reintroduce the song at games have struggled since.

CSU’s “Alma Mater”, a song of a much gentler nature, pays tribute to the university’s alumni. Generally it’s played at the beginning of athletic events, as well as at graduation and award ceremonies. Like CSU’s “Fight Song”, the “Alma Mater” came together in 1957 when the university underwent its name change – from Colorado A&M to the current moniker.

Colleen Meyer, the interim director of the alumni association, said the song brings out gold and green pride, as do the other songs associated with the university.

“Every time I sing them, or am around them, there’s just an overwhelming feeling of pride in being CSU alum,” Meyer said. “That’s how significant they are to me.”

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Fight Song

Fight on you stalwart RAM Team

On to the goal

Tear the (opponent) line asunder

As down the field we thunder.

Knights of the Green and Gold,

fight with all your might.

Fight on you stalwart RAM team!


(Drum Solo)

Go Rams! Go Rams! Go Rams!

Fum’s Song

I’ll sing you a song of college days

And tell you where to go

Aggies’ where knowledge is,

Boulder spends your dough.

C.C. for your sissy boys,

Utah for your times,

D.U. for your ministers,

For drunkards, School of Mines

Don’t send my boy to Wyoming U.,

A dying mother said;

Don’t send my boy to Brigham Young,

I’d rather see him dead,

But send him to the ole Aggies,

‘Tis better than Cornell,

Before I’d see him in Boulder,

I’d see my son in Hell!

Alma Mater

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;

Colorado State.

Memories are everlasting

of this place so great.

May thy Green and Gold unite us,

loyal ever be.

Colorado State, our Alma Mater,

Hail, all hail, to thee.

Spell Yell

R – – – A – – – M – – – S

R – A – M – S



5. Eat Em’ Up (aka Trumpet Cheer)

Eat ’em up

Spit ’em out

Ram it up your Buffalo*!

*Opposing team’s mascot

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