CSU-CU Rivalry Timeline

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Aug 302007

A brief history of the battle for the Centennial Cup:

1893 –

University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado Agricultural College (later Colorado State) play the first game in the rivalry’s history. The Aggies lose to the Buffalos 70-6.

1901 –

Colorado State takes the Centennial Cup for the first time, beating the Buffs in Fort Collins, 10-0.

1958 –

In their last year as the Aggies (the mascot was officially switched to the Rams in 1959), CSU defeats CU, 15-14. It was the team’s sixth road win in the rivalry game’s 65-year history.

1983 –

After a 23-year hiatus, the CSU-CU rivalry returns to the state of Colorado. Played in Boulder, CSU loses 31-3.

1988 –

CSU blows a 13-point lead in the second half, eventually falling to the Buffs 27-23 in Fort Collins.

1995 –

Head Coach Sonny Lubick experiences the game for the first time, losing to the Buffs 42-14 in Boulder. After 37 years of sporadic match-ups, the matchup is reinstated as an annual game after the 1995 season.

1998 –

The game is played at the Mile High Stadium in Denver for the first time and is billed as “The Rocky Mountain Showdown”. The game sets a new attendance record for the rivalry at 76,036, but the Rams could not keep up with the high-powered Buffs and lost 42-14.

2000 –

Senior quarterback Matt Newton, who would go on to be the MWC Player of the Year, leads the Rams to a 28-24 Showdown victory. Coupled with a 41-14 win over the Buffs in the 1999 season, the game represents the first back-to-back wins for the Rams in the Showdown in more than 50 years.

2002 –

Junior quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt scores the go-ahead touchdown on a 23-yard scramble with just 6:20 left on the clock, sealing the deal on the Rams 19-14 win. It is the Rams third Showdown win in four years.

2005 –

A 47-yard field goal with four seconds left in the game drowns the Rams hopes of stealing a win in Boulder, as they lose for the second straight year, 31-28.

2006 –

The Rocky Mountain Showdown returns to Denver in style, as the Rams overcome an early deficit to take the 14-10 win. The game has the lowest attendance of any since the Showdown moved to Denver, with 65,701 showing up to support their teams.

Fast Facts –

CU-Boulder holds the all time series advantage with a 57-19-2 record over CSU. In games played in Boulder, the Rams are 8-31-1. In Fort Collins the Rams are 7-23-1. In Denver the Rams hold the advantage 4-3.

– Compiled by Nick Hubel

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Hanie looks to rebound vs. CU

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Aug 302007
Authors: Jeff Dillon

Caleb Hanie is a confident guy, but just about anyone could see that confidence waning at the close of the 2006 season.

After starting the season 4-1, including a 14-10 victory over Colorado, the senior quarterback looked to be on his way to a highly successful season.

Instead, the Rams rattled off seven consecutive losses to close the year and Hanie’s stats slowly deteriorated, along with the team’s hopes.

When CSU kicks off the 2007 campaign Saturday against CU at 10 a.m. at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Hanie will be as hungry as anyone to get the bad taste of last season out of his mouth.

“It was frustrating, no question about it,” Hanie said of the ’06 campaign. “We’re so hungry to start winning again.”

The good news for Hanie is that history is on his side. Under coach Sonny Lubick, every CSU senior quarterback has led his team to a bowl game.

Anthony Hill took the Rams to the 1994 Holiday Bowl, Moses Moreno the 1997 Holiday Bowl, Matt Newton the 2000 Liberty Bowl, Bradlee Van Pelt the 2003 San Francisco Bowl and Justin Holland the 2005 Poinsettia Bowl.

For Hanie to keep that streak alive, he will need the kind of performance he had in the first five games of 2006, when he completed 72 percent of his passes for five touchdowns and two interceptions.

In the final seven games of the year, Hanie’s completion percentage went down to 55 percent, with six touchdowns and nine interceptions.

But, as Co-Offensive Coordinator, Dan Hammerschmidt pointed out, those numbers had more to do with an ineffective run game than it did with Hanie’s performance.

“He just had to throw it too many times last year,” Hammerschmidt said. “We didn’t run the ball as well as we wanted, and all of a sudden there’s a lot of pressure for a quarterback to throw 40, 45 times. That’s when his confidence went down.”

Hanie said he believes the Rams’ offense is ready for a bounce-back season.

“I have all the confidence in the world in those guys,” said Hanie. “We’ve made huge strides in the run game already, and as far as the receivers go, I’d say they’re the best in the conference.”

Senior wide receiver Johnny Walker said that “Hot Hand Hanie,” as he’s dubbed him, has emerged as a trustworthy leader for this team.

“He comes in the huddle with confidence,” Walker said. “You can see he’s going to go make a play. He’s got that look in his eyes that just makes you trust him.”

Bell agreed, saying he could see Hanie’s ability from his freshman year, when he started five games in place of an injured Holland.

“We came in together, so I saw him step in as a true freshman and start those games, and you could just tell he was way ahead of the curve,” Bell said. “He’s one of those guys that will do whatever it takes.”

This season may take a lot, considering the history and the fact that this is his final shot to put a mark on CSU football lore.

But first things first: Hanie wants to beat the Buffs a second time.

“I’d love to be up 28-0 in the second quarter and just stick the dagger in,” he said. “But that never seems to happen. They’re gonna come out firing and fighting. But if we play as well as I know we can, we should beat CU.”

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Key Match-Up: Jordan Dizon

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Aug 302007
Authors: Jeff Dillon

Jordan Dizon:

/ CU Senior Weak-side Linebacker

/ 2004 Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year

/ Led the Buffs with 137 tackles in 2006

/ Pre-season first-team All-Big 12

Jordan Dizon is the senior anchor of the Buffs’ defense. His 137 tackles in 2006 were second-best in the Big 12. He’s a big, physical, weak-side linebacker who finds a way to factor into almost every play.

One year ago, Dizon led all defensive players with 12 tackles against CSU and the Buffs defense limited the Rams to just 60 yards rushing.

But that, of course, was without star running back Kyle Bell, who returns for the Rams this year after suffering a season-ending knee injury in 2006.

“They’ve got Bell back, and he’s their top dog,” Dizon said. “We know they’re going to run it hard on us.”

In 2005, the two faced off in the Showdown, with Bell gaining 66 yards and Dizon finishing with four tackles.

Dizon said Bell is a rare combination of physicality and speed, which makes him difficult to contain.

“Whenever you have a running back that’s big, powerful and elusive, that’s huge,” Dizon said. “He breaks tackles but he can also break off big runs in the open field, too. It’s tough.”

Dizon said the Buffs have to keep it simple and avoid big mistakes against Bell and the entire CSU offense. If so, Dizon said, it should be a CU victory.

“They’re a bunch of blue-collar guys and they always come out and work hard,” he said. “I just want to come out and do my job, and that’s what we all have to do. Whoever makes the least mistakes is going to win.”

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SNIAGRAB kickoff sale on Saturday

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Aug 302007
Authors: Kris Cote

Labor Day Weekend brings one last summer hoorah full of football, tailgating, barbecues and camping.

It also brings the reminder that the cold, white, fluffy stuff is on the way.

Sports Authority, formerly Gart Sports, will kickoff their 53rd annual SNIAGRAB sale Saturday.

SNIAGRAB is the largest ski and snowboard sale in the country, and has become known as the unofficial beginning of the ski season where enthusiasts strap on the gear without a snowflake in sight.

“I got my board there last year,” said Arron Lembky, a junior sociology major. “It gets you pumped for the season.”

The sale has a large impact on the ski community. Mark Correll, a merchandising manager at Sports Authority, said the sale is the beginning.

“It’s the kick off,” Correll said. “After this, people start counting the days until Loveland or A-Basin open up.”

SNIAGRAB (“bargains” backward) has become famous for having great deals on ski and snowboard gear, along with other winter clothing and equipment. The sale also has representatives from many of Colorado’s ski resorts on hand selling season passes at early season prices.

“It sounds cool to me,” said Blake Elder, a freshmen business administration major. “Any time you can get a deal like that it’s sweet.”

Stores across the Front Range will be hosting the sale, said Brian Stien, senior regional vice president for the central region at Sports Authority.

Deals will also be available to students attending the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Stein said employees will be at the game giving out vouchers to students.

“We’ll be at all of the entrances of the stadium giving out coupons for additional discounts on top of the sale prices,” Stein said. “These coupons will be valid at all of the sale locations including Boulder and Fort Collins.”

At the Sports Authority’s “Sports Castle” located at 10th and Broadway in Denver, it seems as though SNIAGRAB has become more of an event than a sale, one that even features celebrities of the winter sports world.

The Sports Castle location will feature X-Games gold medalist Steve Fisher on Saturday and Sunday. Hannah Teter, a 2006 Olympic gold medalist, will be on hand also.

Stein said the sale usually lasts the whole month of September in Fort Collins, and in Denver will go on into November, but opening weekend has the best deals.

“It’s the biggest ski and snowboard sale at any place on any given day,” Stein said. “It’s a chance to get great deals on great gear and have a lot of fun too.”

In Fort Collins, Sports Authority is located on the northwest corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Avenue.

Staff writer Kris Cote can be reached at news@collegian.com

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Kyle Bell Ready to Run

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Aug 302007
Authors: Nick Hubel

When facing a dominant defensive player, there are often things that can be done to take him out of the game. Ends can be run around; corners can be thrown away from. But a dominant linebacker is tough to avoid, particularly one like CU’s Jordan Dizon.

So, instead of beating around the bush with bubble screens and short passes, the CSU offense will run right at the Buffs this year.

Fortunately for the Rams, they just might have the personnel to pull it off. Junior running back Kyle Bell will spearhead the ground game Saturday, behind an inexperienced but talented offensive line.

“I’m as excited as I have been in my entire life,” Bell said.

Bell said that facing a preseason All-American like Dizon will not change the team’s offensive strategy.

“I have no doubt in my mind that I could go out and get 30 carries,” Bell said. “We’ve got to attack the running game the same way no matter what. As long as we do what we are capable of doing and do what we are supposed to do it doesn’t really matter who we are going up against.”

Offensive coordinator Dan Hammerschmidt said that the team will rely on the running game during the Showdown, but that he feels like the team will be best if they are able to mix things up.

“We’re obviously going to run it a lot better than we did last year,” Hammerschmidt said. “We hope to get 150-plus.”

Senior quarterback Caleb Hanie is excited about the potential for a return of the running game, saying that it will open up the playbook for the team.

“They better put eight guys in the box because we are going to run the ball on them,” Hanie said.

Bell By the Numbers:

66 – Yards in his last outing against Colorado, a team high

1288 – Yards in his 2005 season, the most in school history by a sophomore

0 – Career touchdowns vs. Colorado

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Why CSU will beat CU

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Aug 302007
Authors: Sean Star

You know your football team made a bad hire when its new coach loses to a Division I-AA team in his first game, as was the case for CU coach Dan Hawkins last year.

Hawkins went on to coach the Buffs to another defeat in his second game, losing to a mediocre CSU team 14-10. Expect this year to be no different as long as Hawkins is still the Buffs’ coach.

However this time, the Rams should be better and Hawkins won’t be able to play the first-year excuse card, either.

Give the man credit, though; he rebounded with a solid 2-9 finish after the Showdown loss. Even more comforting for Hawkins was that his former team, Boise State, went undefeated and won a BSC bowl in its first season without him.

So, what did the coach do to help his team improve this year? He named his son, Cody, the starting quarterback. Normally this wouldn’t be that odd, as college football coaches from Lee Corso to Steve Spurrier have coached their kid.

But Hawkins’ choice to name his offspring the starter is about as questionable as his attempts to make his 2-10 team better.

The coach has sent text messages to his players, taken them paintballing, gone sky-diving with them and brought them to Invesco Field last week just to “visualize” a win among other bizarre rituals that won’t work.

His promotion of his son, Cody, doesn’t come as much of a surprise though, as Hawkins’ decision to name Bernard Jackson the starter last year proved to be a terrible choice.

Jackson was more Kordell Stewart with the Chicago Bears than he was the CU version the Buffs were hoping he would be.

Hopefully the Buffs have a backup quarterback ready because baby Hawkins is built like a kicker.

At 5-foot-11, the Idaho native can barely see over the line and his 190-pound frame isn’t exactly prototypical of an impact player at his position.

With a defensive line that has started a combined 80 games, the Rams pass rush should be all over the first-year player.

And if the Hawkins family isn’t reason enough for why the Rams are going to win Saturday, there’s plenty of others.

In contrast to the Buffs, the Rams have a senior quarterback with 17 career starts under his belt – that’s 17 more than Hawkins if you’re counting.

CSU also has one of the best receiving corps in the region and 20 returning starters.

And remember fans, this isn’t intramurals, it’s the Rocky Mountain Showdown, brother.

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Sen. Craig has flushed his career away

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Aug 302007
Authors: Joseph Haynie

In what seems to be commonplace in Washington, another high profile official has been caught in the middle of a scandal.

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) vehemently denied Tuesday recent allegations of homosexual conduct saying, “I am not gay.”

Unfortunately for Craig, this statement has become somewhat of a campaign slogan for the embattled conservative who, over the course of his elected career, has had to deal with these reoccurring allegations.

What distinguishes this event from others is his admission of guilt to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for an event earlier this summer. Craig allegedly attempted to solicit sex from an undercover police officer in an airport bathroom in Minnesota.

Although accusations of a sexual orientation contrary to his conservative base may be, as Craig says, “completely ridiculous.” Nothing can alter the damage done to the trust of the American public, especially that of his Idaho constituency.

Any hopes of being reelected to a fourth term are, proverbially, in the toilet.

Bathroom-gate, coupled with recent instances of misconduct and fraud, has led many to believe that the Republicans are responsible for cultivating a culture of corruption – a term coined and widely used by Democratic leadership.

Such a supposition is na’ve.

Individuals, not parties, are the proprietors of this responsibility. Greed does not discriminate on the basis of party affiliation.

Democrats are equally as guilty as Republicans.

Bill Clinton, the poster boy of the Democratic Party, engaged in several extramarital affairs, not only as governor of Arkansas, but also as President of the United States.

James McGreevy, a former New Jersey governor, resigned in 2004 after admitting to a homosexual affair with a member of his cabinet.

Louisiana Rep., William Jefferson was recently indicted on 16 federal charges of money laundering, fraud and accepting bribes. According to reports from CNN, law enforcement officials found “$90,000 in cash in the freezer of Jefferson’s Washington home” representing only a fraction of the amount of money received by the Congressman.

Aside from Craig, the Republicans too are ripe with examples of scandalous behavior.

Richard Nixon was accused of abusing executive privilege; accusations which ultimately resulted in his resignation in 1974.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, recently admitted to having an affair during the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

In 2005, Rep. Tom Delay was indicted by a Texas grand jury on charges of corruption and for conspiring to violate campaign finance laws.

Lewd conduct, as in the case of Craig, albeit inappropriate and not becoming of a US Congressman, is not as bad as using one’s power and position for personal gratification and gain.

However, the way public officials run their private life is a good indicator of the quality of their character. We are entitled to know how our representatives conduct themselves behind closed doors, as those actions could very well jeopardize our interests.

Term limits cover years, not just specific locations, days or occasions. Therefore, elected officials should direct their conduct with prudence and sobriety, knowing full well that every move, on or off the clock, is waiting to be lambasted and scrutinized.

With a heated election, complete with an even hotter presidential race, just around the corner, the Republicans are in serious need of a makeover.

In an attempt to remove itself from the culture of corruption, it will not be surprising if the party distances itself from the distressed Senator.

As for Craig, any attempts at damage control will only prove to be in vain, as his political career has been all but flushed away.

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LTTE: Pi Kappa Alpha

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Aug 302007

Pi Kappa Alpha was booted off our campus two years ago under rather shady circumstances.

For “The Collegian,” who was largely responsible for their condemnation by the university, to continue to berate this group with lies and exaggerations while remaining unchecked by any other media outlet or factual source is cowardly! The latest attack upon this group is further proof of our grand papers’ hatred of the Greek system.

My fraternity does not walk the same path as Pike; however that is precisely the reason they should be recognized, if there is any benefit to that.

Is CSU not about diversity? I would assume this would extend into the “white male dominated” Greek world where hopefully the chapters are diverse.

If you are interested in covering gossip about Greek life how about you go attack something worth fighting, such as our ostentatious “Inter Fraternal Council” whose only goal is to take more money from the chapters to send more of their members on vacations (a.k.a. leadership retreats).

Stephen Mitchell

Senior construction management major


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Don’t shoot the messenger, but CU is no pushover

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Aug 302007
Authors: Mike Donovan

Cody Hawkins, CU’s redshirt freshman quarterback and son of Head Coach Dan Hawkins, hasn’t lost a game since he started playing in sixth grade. Hawkins is undefeated for his life and is one of three main reasons that CSU fans should be worried for the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

1. The mini Hawk

When coach Hawkins announced that his son would be the starting quarterback for this game, CSU defenders were probably licking their lips to have a chance to bash around a player who’s never taken a snap at the college level.

However, many times in sports, a newcomer can excel early because rookie athletes are unaware of the giant microscope on them. In the past year alone, Tony Romo shined as the centerpiece of the Dallas Cowboys; Rick Ankiel in his first game as a position player hit a home run for the defending World Series champs and supersub Tim Tebow had a huge role in the Florida Gators national championship run.

Hawkins is no joke, which is indicated by his win-loss record, and his teammates will be invigorated by the fact that their quarterback can throw an accurate pass, something that simply did not happen with Bernard Jackson at the helm.

2. Jordan Dizon is freakishly good

CU’s best player, by a wide margin, is senior inside linebacker Jordan Dizon. Dizon, who has played in every game in his career and been a thorn in the Rams’ side ever since his debut in 2004. Dizon tackled CSU running back Marcus Houston on the goal line with 30 seconds left to play in his first game.

Since then, Dizon has simply dominated opponents, putting up ridiculous numbers, including 15 tackles against CSU last season.

Dizon will most likely be blocked by recently converted fullback Gartrell Johnson III. Johnson, who is a great pass blocker, may not be able to handle the sheer athleticism or skill of this preseason all-Big 12 linebacker.

3. Payback

Dan Hawkins has never defeated CSU and in his first chance last year, the “offensive” genius was able to put up 148 offensive yards on the Rams. Hawkins and CU need a win to legitimize themselves this season and want to make up for last year’s loss in addition to their dreadful 2-10 season.

CU players believe they should have won last season’s match-up and Saturday will be a chance to exorcise the demons of last year. And payback may be the most important thing on the Buffs’ minds.

Sports columnist Mike Donovan can be reached at sports@collegian.com.

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Aug 302007

To the girl that clipped me on her bike Thursday morning: “On your left” doesn’t work when the person is wearing headphones. It’s called a bike lane. USE IT.

To the parent who decided to yell at me for not telling them which room their freshmen daughter was in, thank you for your feedback on my job performance. Regretfully, I will ignore it should some thug make a similar inquiry. My apologies in advance.

To the guy who answered in a class of two hundred students that the melting point of plastic was 75 degrees Fahrenheit … wow. I digress and return to my puddle of a chair.

To the people in the blue car heading east on Mulberry at Shields on Thursday: I’m sorry I cut you off. I was in a hurry to get where I was going but that’s no excuse to put you in danger by driving like a d***. I’m sorry.

ATTN All Bicyclers: When you don’t stop at a 4-Way stop I will run you over with my pickup, cause if you would like to be treated like a vehicle I will.

I hate to say it, but CU totally won the Life Threatening Events During the First Week of School competition. I mean, come on. A girl getting bit by a non-poisonous snake versus a kid getting his neck slashed by an insane guy? Did we even have a chance?

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