Jul 242007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With all of the media attention surrounding the Spring Creek Flood of 1997 come the horrible memories of lives lost, possessions taken and homes broken. Ten years have come and gone since the waters engulfed the streets and caused the city $200 million in damage, a huge chunk of that being at CSU. Yet, something that has scarcely been talked about or mentioned in the plethora of articles written is that Fort Collins, as a community, stepped up to the occasion. Numerous local businesses opened their doors and gave supplies, food and shelter to those in need. Arby’s on College Avenue, allowed the members of the search and rescue team to come in and eat for free for days following the flood, Sam’s Club sent free clothes and boxes of dry socks and High Planes Scuba gave gear that helped rescuers during the flood- just to name a few. Individuals donated time and money in the days after the flood in order to restore everything that was ruined or lost. Our own student media wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the hard work and the donations of numerous individuals. We, at the Collegian, just want to give credit where credit is due and ask people to remember the good that came out of the bad. So, thank you Fort Collins for your undying support and commitment to keeping good old Fort Fun an exceptional place to be.

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