Jun 192007
Authors: Marissa HuttonGavel

Do you remember Andy Griffith?

It’s way before our time for the most part, but if you were a fan of Nick at Night – and, frankly, who wasn’t? – then you too probably have happy memories of the black and white classic.

I used to watch it with my dad sometimes when there was nothing else on or I was in the mood for some old school humor. Mayberry was the original version of Pleasentville – creepy but kind of alluring at the same time.

Anyway, this week’s movie was “Waitress.” It stars Keri Russell, (Felicity) as Jenna, a waitress at a pie shop, conveniently owned by “Old Joe” a.k.a. Andy Griffith.

She’s married to this guy, (Jeremy Sisto) who has about as much cajones as Manu Ginobli in the playoffs. He’s needy, manipulative and an all around jerk, but she puts up with it.

It’s the age-old tale of southern belle kisses frog hoping for a prince, marries said frog and then ends up sleeping next to the same slimy amphibian for years out of desperation.

The twist comes when a handsome, young, conveniently unavailable doctor moves to town and gives her the confidence to kick her Kermit to the curb.

The film’s tagline, “if only life were as easy as pie,” comes into play with Jenna’s unique recipes for aptly named pies. “I hate my husband pie,” and “I can’t handle an affair because it’s wrong and I don’t want earl to kill me pie,” are served up to oblivious customers as often as clever jokes are delivered to the audience.

As chic-flic-esque as this one sounds, my sarcastic dark center was well fed. I like my movies like I like my salads; no cheese, and while there were a couple corny moments, Russell’s knack for deadpan humor kept me laughing.

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