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May 062007
Authors: Brian Park

Some fortunate CSU students could be hailed royalty on campus. But only the pretty ones will get a shot at the title of “king” and “queen.”

It’s all going to happen at – a social networking site created by two CSU students who say beauty is in the eyes of, well, them.

The site models the likes of Facebook and, but adds an exclusive spin.

“College Royalty will have features that you won’t see anywhere else, it gives people the opportunity to elect who is famous,” said Rob Thomas, a CSU junior and the founder and co-owner of the company. “This will be a non-Ivy League school creating a Web site for students across the nation.”

The site debuts on May 11, a day after Thomas and Ryan Pinjuv, co-owner, host an exclusive, red carpet launch party at Osiris Night Club, where they say vanity will trump the standard cover charge.

“It’s going to be the hottest girls and best-looking guys,” Thomas said of the site’s kick-off party.

A different type of Web site

Students can create profiles, add friends (VIP’s), network with other students and have the ability to vote every week for the most famous woman and man on campus – the royalty. Then the students who receive the most votes in a month will be crowned king and queen for that month and become eligible to star in a College Royalty calendar.

“We’re creating a talent agency out of student calendars, this is going to take social networking to the next level,” Thomas said.

College Royalty will offer unique features that sites like Facebook do not have. Besides the king and queen aspect, an organizational page will give students the ability to type in dates and times of exams, parties and job interviews, and then a text message will be sent out to their cell phones to remind them of their plans. The Bathroom Stall page is a virtual public restroom where students can post anonymous comments, rants and thoughts in graffiti style that will be “painted over” daily.

“We’re not trying to steal Facebook’s thunder, but when they (students) get bored of Facebook this is where we can get them to go,” Thomas said.

A Drink Cheap section will allow students to rate bars throughout town and receive text messages daily about the best deals on booze and food.

“Every day you’ll be able to see the best deals,” Thomas said. “The ratings will change according to user input, you’ll be able to give it a one through five rating.”

This section will be available upon the Web site’s launch, while the Organizer and Bathroom Stall will not be up-and-running until August. The top-rated bar will be placed prominently at the top of the Drink Cheap section.

The co-owners say they believe this will be a useful reminder for students who can never remember where dollar beers are being poured and inexpensive mixed drinks stirred.

“I go to Sullivan’s five nights a week, and I don’t even know the specials,” Pinjuv said.

Hollywood-style debut

On May 10 the red carpet will be rolled out, the limos will arrive and the College Royalty models will strut their stuff as the Web site will debut at Osiris Night Club in Fort Collins.

The photos will be flashing, film crews will be filming and deejays and break-dancers will be doing their thing in the parking lot as partygoers arrive.

The CSU duo say the event will also be raising money for charity, donating 10 percent of the $10 cover charge to Shoot For David’s Cure. The foundation is raising money for David Crider, an 8th grader in Windsor who is suffering from synovial cell sarcoma, a type of cancer threatening to take away his left arm. The money would go toward Crider’s medical expenses.

Thomas, who coined himself “Rob ‘Party Boy’ Thomas on his Facebook account, says it’s going to be a party for the record books.

“This is going to be the only red carpet event in Colorado. We’re going all out: photographers, media, camera crews; this party is going to be amazing,” he said.

Of the 15 College Royalty models, 10 are CSU students and the other five are from Denver. The models will arrive via limos, walk the red carpet and pose for pictures with spectators for a $10 fee, with 10 percent of the funds generated from the photos going to the Windsor foundation as well.

“It’s going to be really cool. If it’s a couple grand raised that would be awesome. I was thinking more like $700 to a grand,” said Corey Manicone, a CSU freshman and co-founder of Shoot For David’s Cure.

Lauren Clary is one of the Royalty models and a sophomore biological science major at CSU.

“This just sounded really exciting, all the details sound great – a stylist, limo, red carpet,” Clary said. “I just got really excited about it and thought it would be a good experience.”

These are some of most beautiful women at CSU, Thomas and Pinjuv said. And they aren’t shy to say they’d know.

“They’re Royalty girls, and they’re going to rock our Royalty world,” Thomas said.

Pinjuv seems ecstatic, saying that the event is going to be the best party of the year and help out a good cause at the same time.

“College Royalty is not going to make any money off this event,” Pinjuv said. “It looks good and it’s the right thing to do.”

But these two haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to fundraising.

Learning from his past

Some CSU students might remember Rob Thomas’s name.

Thomas was one of three CSU students to organize “Streak-a-palooza” last fall with hopes of breaking the Guinness Book record for streaking and all the while raise money for a cancer support group.

While the record was far from broken and only $58 was raised, Thomas said he learned a valuable lesson from the incident.

“The streaking thing wasn’t a serious thing, but it gave me the opportunity to see how I can affect the student body with just one idea,” he said.

He and Pinjuv are convinced College Royalty will triumph.

“I mean the London Metro wrote a story about me,” Thomas said. “To write a story about a kid in Colorado, obviously that kid in Colorado made a difference that someone in England wrote about me.”

Thomas and Pinjuv scoff at their critics who think their company will not make it.

“There’s always going to be haters,” Thomas said. “And for the record we’re doing the streak in the fall.”

What the future holds

At first College Royalty will solely focus on Colorado schools, such as CSU, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Northern Colorado and University of Denver, Thomas and Pinjuv said.

The overall goal is to expand the site to schools around the country, widening the scope of their latest endeavor.

“By this time next year it will be available to every college in the nation,” Pinjuv said.

The two co-owners also plan on starting a Maxim-like magazine for college students and would place the monthly “king” and “queen” winners on the cover.

So far both say they believe the process of creating the company has been extremely valuable but also very time-consuming. The two have clocked hundreds and hundreds of hours on College Royalty.

“I mean it’s just an experience, it’s a good learning experience, why not try it?” Pinjuv said. “I don’t want to be 26 years old and be like I didn’t give it a shot.”

With the party on Thursday and the launch a day later, the two are itching to see what happens next.

“This is a new tool that we’re completely confident will succeed,” Thomas said. “This site will eliminate the corporate power who is working for profit and gives it to the people with something that is entertaining and revolutionary.”


To learn more:

Check out on May 11

College Royalty Red Carpet Launch Party:

When: Thursday, May 10 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Where: Osiris Night Club at 2469 E. Mulberry Street in Fort Collins

Cost: $10 cover

For more information on College Royalty contact or

For more information on Shoot For David’s Cure visit

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