May 062007
Authors: Emily Lance

Lynsey Hill, senior art history major, will be looking for a 9-5 job with benefits, that pays at least $10 an hour.

Hill’s personal ad is similar to most graduates seeking to simply sustain themselves after “the cords are cut” until the right opportunity comes along.

“My goal this coming year is sustainablility…of myself,” Hill said. “You need to be able to afford life.”

Danielle Storm, human development and family studies major, had a recent interview with Columbine Care Center East and intends to be CNA with the center.

“Some people go into a post-graduation funk because life changes so dramatically,” Storm said.

Storm said she went through a period of anxiousness, anticipating life after graduation, but then looked to her faith to ease those worries.

“Anxiousness and trusting (God) can’t exist in the same heart. Jesus makes it pretty explicity clear theat we donb’t need to worry about our food, clothes or any other basic need,” she said. “I am also content in not having a lot of money. That aids in the non-anxiousness.”

Among financial worries, undergraduates often have to choose whether they will advance their knowledge. As an art history major, Hill said the only possibilities to be employed in the field would require a masters degree.

“I would only consider Boulder for graduate school,” Hill said. “And that’s like going to the enemy for its weapons.”

Jared Ebert, junior forestry major, will be working as a seasonal worker for Colorado State Parks the Monday following finals, is getting married this summer, and has an apartment lined up in Highlands Ranch after the honeymoon. It seems he has his life planned.

But he admitted: “I don’t know what I will be doing in six months,” Ebert said.

When Ebert’s seasonal job is finished he hopes by that time it will be a permanent position, a job he truly enjoys. It is advice he shares with his struggling classmates.

“Find out what you really like to do and do that,” Ebert said. “Get to know people in every aspect of life and build a community.”

Although students are anxious, graduates will be released into a healthy job market, according to a report issued in November 2006 by the Collegiate Employment Research Institue at Michigan State University. The report, based on 900 company surveys, indicated that over half of the companies would hire new college graduates.

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