May 032007
Authors: Editorial Board

Fight for the freedom to choose your life’s path.

And fight for the freedom for your neighbors to make decisions that horrify you – let them burn flags, smoke pot, preach religion, marry gay or lead racist protests.

That liberty is what distinguishes America.

Genuine morality cannot be legislated, and that’s what makes it so beautiful and rare. And every American has the right to live his or her life as they see fit, so long as he or she isn’t hurting others.

It’s called free will, and the government should have minimal authority over it.

These are the 2006-2007 Collegian staff’s parting words to you – and they’re the words we’ve been screaming on this page all year.

Thank you for listening.

Some of you love us. We love you back.

Others revile us so much that they have chosen to take the most extreme and drastic move most college students will ever take – they created anti-Collegian Facebook groups.

Well, we love you anyway.

Critics of our staff editorials have labeled us dirty, flaming liberals. Occasionally, we’re also deemed crazy, overzealous conservatives.

But in the end, we only pushed for what we believe to be right – and that’s truth, the value of higher education and the fundamental right for everyone to decide how to live his or her own life.

The latter is also known as basic, human respect.

So, CSU – our fellow Rams – be strong in your own beliefs. And remember there is nothing nobler than to defend the right of others to hold beliefs of their own – even if you disagree.

Congratulations on another year, Rams. And if this was your last, do us proud in the real world.

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