May 022007
Authors: Emily Polak

Former ASCSU Vice President Sadie Conrad issued a tear-felt goodbye to her student government and colleagues Wednesday night.

“I’m not even an emotional person,” she said behind her tears of joy. “I just love to see how ASCSU grew. we accomplished so much this year.”

Conrad and Jason Green, former ASCSU president, tossed the torch to newly elected president and vice president, Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout, respectively.

“The best thing is the people,” Green said. “It has been tremendous to be in this role and represent the students. I couldn’t ask for a better college experience.”

Gleeson and Trout were sworn in after an emotional evening of goodbyes from senators, who snuck outside the ASCSU Senate Chambers afterward to smoke victory cigars.

Conrad and Green both said working with good people made the experience worthwhile.

“I think Jason is an amazing person, and he has the best intentions of the students in mind,” Conrad said.

In his final senate address, Green thanked his vice president for helping him make it through the year.

“She (Conrad) pushed me, she pushed me to be the best I could be,” he said.

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