Apr 292007

To the person who hit my Silver Dodge Truck at the Library meters: I hope you feel some sympathy about just fleeing the scene without any sort of apology note or phone number. We could have worked it out. We still can, if you do feel bad, just look for the only Silver Dodge Ram with a giant green scratch and dent down the driver’s side.

Does anybody else wonder what their MySpace profile will look like when they are 50?

So living directly on the corner of a busy intersection finally paid off. Last night I saw my first high speed pursuit from the comfort of my bedroom!

Dear Student, You have been invited to take an “Exclusive” survey. Just check your e-mail and respond to just 1 of the 20 different emails we have sent out. Thanks.

The thumb war championships for keeps begins at 3:37 p.m. in the LSC. Entry fee is $2.25 plus tax in Delaware. No wrist guards or helmets allowed within a 23 foot radius of the playing field… followed by a brief pizza party and a screening of Empire of the Sun, starring a young Christian Bale.

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