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Apr 262007

So I keep having this recurring dream where I’m being chased by a huge fly, then I wake up and realize it was just a girl with HUGE sunglasses.

Today I saw a blooper reel from the Real World Denver. How are there bloopers? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of the show?

So was anyone going to tell us that they switched some bus stops around, because it is kind of scary getting on the wrong bus and having to walk home.

To the two girls on the third floor of the library: seeing how long people stay in the bathroom is just wrong; get a new hobby!

So I found a new reason to hate Boulder. This weekend I was parked near Pearl St. and the city bus came around the corner and hit my car door, causing $1,300 in damage to my car. Then the Boulder Police officers claimed it was my fault and gave me a $100 ticket. Only in Boulder would you get hit by a bus and get a ticket.

To the women that dromps three stairs with her roller backpack everyday in front of Eddy… you make coming to class five minutes early everyday, worth it!

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