Our View: football

Apr 252007

When we imagine football, we see giants clad in pads charging into each other.

When we saw football last week, we saw a giant clad in pads charging into…

A 4-year-old boy.

Though it was far from traditional, it was exciting in its own way. We all worried for the poor, bloodied kid. We felt for the football player who had his eye on the ball until the last second, when he looked up and saw a tiny blond boy in his path.

And we sort of wondered what the tiny blond boy was doing there.

We’re glad the kid’s all right, and we’re proud of the class shown by the football team since the collision. So we’re not looking to point fingers.

But we have to ask: What the hell was that kid doing there?

We’re sure that question has already come up. When stuff like this happens, the situation is usually dissected with meticulous detail – especially when the media spotlight shines on the university.

Thankfully, this story had an unlikely happy ending.

We simply hope the dice aren’t rolled again.

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