Apr 232007

When it comes to positive and negative press, this certainly hasn’t been a dream year for the CSU Athletics Department.

From the bank fraud case involving football players to the “chemical bomb” investigation into the women’s basketball team all the way up to the current news of a basketball player allegedly pulling a gun on a teammate, CSU sports has been strewn in negative publicity.

If any positive can be taken from the investigations and arrests, it is that the department has been stand up and confronted the issues head on. There was no wavering by men’s basketball coach Tim Miles after news of Kilby had gotten out.

“This type of behavior is neither acceptable nor tolerable,” Miles said in a statement Monday.

It is refreshing that Miles combated the issue and made sure that there was no confusion over how discipline would be dealt with by the basketball team. When the women basketball players were charged with their prank gone awry, suspensions came while the situation was being sorted out.

The CSU Athletics Department and its teams has repeatedly sent the same message to its players: They will not stand for having athletes getting arrested and giving CSU a potential black eye. And for that, we give Paul Kowalczyk and his coaches full approval.

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