Apr 222007

Does anyone else think that Kevin Dudley is ruining his chances of getting laid any time in the near future?

Isn’t it ironic that the same school that brought the world Ward Churchill and his remarks is the same school suspending a student for voicing a thought?

So ummm … I went to see Common, stood in the rain, was pushed way too close too way too many strangers, all to hear him say “Let me hear all the ladies in the house” repeatedly. Can we have our $90,000 back?

To the jerk who threw the beer bottle at the Common concert on Monday: Thanks for nailing me in the head and knocking me out. You owe me a few hundred dollars for the ambulance ride and the trip to the E.R.

To the girl who decided to pee outside of Corbett after the Common concert, I realize you were drunk, but come on. You were 10 feet away from making it to the bathrooms inside.

After having a ball at the Common show on Monday, I dare to ask one question; could the ASCSU do stuff like that more often? Man that show was great.

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