Apr 222007
Authors: Sean Star

A casual late-night Sunday conversation among CSU basketball players about church quickly escalated when freshman Xavier Kilby pulled out a gun and aimed it at teammate Ronnie Aguilar’s head.

According to sophomore Stephan Gilling, who was present in the 1117 City Park Ave., apartment at the time, Kilby pulled out his gun in response to a comment made by Aguilar which he said, “you haven’t been raised right.”

Aguilar later called Fort Collins police and Kilby was charged without incident at his apartment, the scene of the crime, on two accounts: felony menacing, a Class 5 felony, and prohibited use of weapons, a Class 2 misdemeanor, according to Fort Collins police spokeswoman Rita Davis.

Kilby is a 6-foot-8 Phoenix, Ariz., native, who according to teammates was not planning on returning to the team next year.

Check out Tuesday’s Collegian for complete coverage.

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