Apr 192007

Dear Can Crusher, just because we’re hippies doesn’t mean we pick up after other people’s laziness.

It’s funny when a bunch of people are standing around the printers in Weber and prints are coming out but everybody is too socially awkward to look to see if theirs came out or not.

So I was in King Soopers this weekend and I saw this girl from my statistics class steal a pink cookie from the bakery. What are the chances of that?

Maybe next time CSU decides to have a free concert they’ll move it as far away from the library as possible or turn the volume down a few notches. I didn’t attend the free concert for a reason, yet I had no choice but to hear it.

There is a business fraternity that invites students with the highest GPA into their group. I’m thinking about starting a club for the lower GPA business students, who’s with me?

Cheap vodka, $11.49. Common playing in the rain, $90K. Getting your TA’s number … priceless.

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