Apr 192007
Authors: Vimal Patel

The Associated Students of CSU senate postponed a vote on whether to approve a funding package that would increase student fees by $130 next year.

The senate, which was in session until about 3 a.m. Thursday, needed more time to examine the issue, officials said. A vote is scheduled for the next senate meeting, set for 10 p.m. Wednesday.

The package would raise student fees to $1,050 per year and will head to the CSU board of governors in June. The board will make a final vote in June.

The most contentious part of the package is funding for the athletics department, which received a $17 per semester increase last year and is requesting a $15 one for next year.

Stacey Smith, a senator for the College of Liberal Arts, said she has concerns about the lack of clarity and “past fiscal irresponsibility” of the athletics department.

“I kept on asking and asking and didn’t get any answers,” she said of Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk’s presentation to the Student Fee Review Board.

Other senators were more receptive.

“We’re last in funding in the Mountain West Conference,” Sen. August Ritter said on Wednesday. “It’s all about escalating Ram Pride.”

The decision of the Student Fee Review Board, which approved athletics increases on Monday and approved the entire fee package, has never been overturned by the board of governors, said Mark Settle, SFRB member.

The funding package included increases for various campus departments, including Hartshorn Health Services, the Lory Student Center and Student Media, which oversees the Collegian.

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