Apr 172007

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From: Unirel@vt.edu

Date: Apr 16, 2007 9:26 AM

Subject: Shooting on campus.

To: Multiple recipients

A shooting incident occurred at West Amber Johnston earlier this morning.

Police are on the scene and are investigating.

The university community is urged to be cautious and are asked to contact

Virginia Tech Police if you observe anything suspicious or with information

on the case. Contact Virginia Tech Police at 231-6411

Stay attuned to the www.vt.edu. We will post as soon as we have more


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From: Unirel@vt.edu

Date: Apr 16, 2007 10:16 AM

Subject: All Classes Canceled; Stay where you are

To: Multiple recipients

Virginia Tech has canceled all classes. Those on campus are asked to remain

where there are, lock their doors and stay away from windows. Persons off

campus are asked not to come to campus.

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From: Unirel@vt.edu

Date: Apr 16, 2007 10:52 AM

Subject: Second Shooting Reported; Police have one gunman in custody

To: Multiple recipients

In addition to an earlier shooting today in West Ambler Johnston, there has

been a multiple shooting with multiple victims in Norris Hall.

Police and EMS are on the scene.

Police have one shooter in custody and as part of routine police procedure,

they continue to search for a second shooter.

All people in university buildings are required to stay inside until further


All entrances to campus are closed.

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From: Unirel@vt.edu

Date: Apr 16, 2007 4:31 PM

Subject: Campus Update on VT Shootings

To: Multiple recipients

Virginia Tech remains closed on Monday, April 16, 2007. Vehicular entrances

to campus are severely restricted to essential personnel only. Additional

security remains on campus as the investigation continues.

Counseling assistance for students in available at West Ambler Johnston and

McComas Hall until 9 p.m. tonight. Students are encouraged to utilize these

services. Counseling for faculty and staff is available at the Bowman Room

in the Merriman Center (athletic complex). Student may also be together at

the Old Dominion Ballroom at Squires Student Center.

The university will also close on Tuesday, April 17. Essential personal are

to report for work. Classes will be canceled.

A public gathering will be held Tuesday, April 17 at Cassell Coliseum at 2

p.m. (a time change from the originally scheduled 10 a.m. gathering).

All students are urged to contact their parents as soon as possible to let

them know individuals are safe.

Students, faculty, and staff who may have any information related to the

incident at West Amber Johnston Hall and Norris Hall are encouraged to go to

the Blacksburg Police Department to make statements, or call 540-231-TIPP

(8477), or 231-6411

Parents with concerns are asked to call the Dean of Students Office at


Individuals injured in the two shootings have been taken to area hospitals.

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From: Virginia.Tech.news@vt.edu

Date: Apr 17, 2007 9:24 AM

Subject: Update for University Community Regarding Campus Tragedy

To: Multiple recipients

Tuesday, April 17

Virginia Tech continues to mourn the loss of 33 members of our community. As

we move forward, we share the following information:

Virginia Tech will cancel all classes for the remainder of the week to allow

students the time they need to grieve and seek assistance as needed. The

university will re-open administrative operations beginning tomorrow,

Wednesday, April 18, understanding that some faculty and staff may wish to

take additional time off this week to grieve the loss of fellow colleagues

and friends. We ask individual employees to communicate with their

supervisors of their schedules for the balance of the week.

We will close Norris Hall for the remainder of the semester. Staff are

currently working to arrange alternative location for classrooms and faculty


Counseling and other resources are available for students, faculty, and

staff. Students may receive counseling at McComas Hall and counselors will

be available for extended hours. Counselors will also be available in West

Amber Johnston for residents.

Employees may receive needed support by going to the Brush Mountain Room in

Squires Student Center throughout the day.

The university will be holding a convocation ceremony at 2 p.m. at Cassell

Coliseum. This will be the first time the Virginia Tech community will come

together since the tragedy to share our collective sorrow. At that time,

President George Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Gov. Timothy Kaine, Mrs. Kaine

members of our Board of Visitors, members of the clergy, our students, and

poet Nikki Giovanni will share messages of condolence to the family and

friends of the victims and words of hope to all of us as we move forward

past this tragedy.

Again we encourage all members of the Virginia Tech community to attend.

Should the coliseum be full, the event will be broadcast on campus cable


The Virginia Tech community, and the world at large, continues to struggle

with these horrible events. We hope these steps will help in that healing


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