Scream to let out tension

Apr 162007
Authors: Erin Aggler

A group of 10 students had a real case of the Mondays.

Not only was it the beginning of one of the last weeks of the semester when finals are looming and classes are in full gear, but the worst school shooting in the history of the United States happened on a university campus not too far from home.

One loud scream resonated off of the bricks of the library at noon Monday in an effort to release pent up negative energy.

“It felt good (to scream),” said Parker Anthony, a sophomore psychology major. “College can be stressful.”

The second annual Screamfest, put on by Active Minds at CSU, was part of National Stress Out Day.

“If you let (stress) build up, it affects all parts of your life,” said Charissa Mueller, a junior sports medicine major and vice president of Active Minds.

Screamfest is held at 30 colleges and universities around the United States, said Kathleen McKinney, the faculty advisor for Active Minds.

“We wanted a place for students to talk about mental illnesses,” McKinney added as the basis for Active Minds. “We want to help release the stigma (of mental illness.)”

“This was a good time to do it, before finals week,” said Emily Schleicher, a sophomore anthropology major and member of Active Minds. “We wanted to let everyone get their stress out.”

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