Apr 162007

Maybe one day we’ll know why at least 33 people who woke up Monday in Blacksburn, Va. won’t wake up today.

America will look for a reason.

Maybe the gunman was lonely – a jilted lover. Maybe he’s just insane. We’ll

overanalyze every potential cry for help or sign. We’ll point fingers – at friends and family who didn’t seek enough help, or at the apparently ineffective communication system at Virginia Tech University.

That’s the way the public copes, and it might even lead to better prevention

of school massacres.

But today is the first day thousands of family members and friends will live

knowing that a piece of them is gone. It’s a day some students and professors – just like us – had to climb over dead classmates to see.

And hardest fact that we’ll have to swallow is that there is no satisfactory


We simply send our sorrow, sympathy and kindest wishes to our fellow students and their families.

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