Apr 152007

To the girl who suggested John Mayer or Dave Matthews instead of Common for the free concert: Slowly back away from your high school CD collection and attempt to broaden your horizons. You’ll thank me later.

Does anyone else find it ironic that you ALWAYS see the people you are trying to avoid but the few people you actually want to randomly see you never see?

What if all the automatic paper towel dispensers suddenly became self-aware and refused to dispense towels, what then? Where is this brave new world taking us?

I think the secret to world peace is to have a mandatory requirement that at least once in their lives everyone work either in a fast-food franchise or as a waiter/waitress for about nine months. We might solve a lot of our problems, or at the very least, we might be a little politer to each other.

Why the heck do we have scams in the classifieds page of the Collegian?! It is the Collegian’s job to make sure they represent what they print and it is outrageous they would allow multiple scams to be listed in our school paper! It is encouraging bad and illegal behavior and subjecting to students to exploitation!

Why am I ranting at Ramtalk? I should be studying for my biology test.

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