Apr 152007
Authors: Jessi Stafford

CSU students can now say farewell to logic and critical thinking, adios to health and wellness. And wave goodbye to U.S. public values and institutions.

As of fall 2007, the university core curriculum will not contain any of the three categories mentioned above. And to replace what will be removed, students must take an additional three credits of arts and humanities.

Currently, students have to take only three arts and humanity credits and 8-9 credits consisting of the other three categories.

So, mathematically, the three extra credits that are replacing the 8-9 credits don’t add up to fill the gap.

Associate Director of RamRide Operations Mark Settle, is part of the movement to get the word out about the changes so students know what to expect and how to register for the following semester.

“The new core requirements have fewer credits,” he said. “The university hopes that this will encourage people to double major or take classes they are interested in.”

The All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC), as it stands now, requires students to take 38-39 credits, of the required 65 core credits, in the foundations and perspectives category. Beginning next semester, the foundations and perspectives requirement will be 33 credits, Settle said.

Students still have to fill the AUCC 65-credit requirement, but they can do so by taking a couple other classes that may be of more interest to them.

As for students who are already into their junior or senior years, this likely won’t change anything.

If a student has already taken any class that fills logical and critical thinking; U.S. public values and institutions; or health and wellness, then those 2-3 credits will fill the extra three arts and humanities credits that will be required.

“If students have taken a class that fills any category in the current core curriculum, then they don’t have to take any extra arts and humanities classes,” Settle said. “It’s important that they know this because, if they don’t, then they might sign up for a class they don’t need.”

If students haven’t taken classes that fill any of the three categories that are being taken out of the required curriculum, then they need to take six arts and humanities credits.

The changes are being made primarily as an attempt to make Colorado universities more cohesive, said Settle. CSU is trying to make it easier for students to transfer between schools without losing credits in the process.

To find out more information and to see a complete list of the arts and humanities classes, visit www.core.colostate.edu.

Staff writer Jessi Stafford can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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