Apr 122007
Authors: Emily Polak

Sierra Krizman lived a life that gave and didn’t take, her brother-in-law said Thursday.

“She’s a college student – she didn’t have much money but she would find it and spend it on my daughter,” Dan Spoelma said in a phone interview. “She would put herself last.”

Krizman, 20, died Tuesday of bacterial meningococcal sepsis at McKee Medical Center Intensive Care Unit. She was a Loveland resident and attended the University of Northern Colorado.

Krizman became ill Saturday night after attending a party at the Mishawaka Inn.

Spoelma said his sister in-law was not a big partier.

“It’s not like she was a party animal,” he said. “That is not who she was as a person.”

Instead, her life was about unconditional love, friendship and optimism.

“Sierra is one person in this world who would look at everyone and find something that was great,” Spoelma said.

Krizman was close to her family and enjoyed spending time with them, especially her young niece. Spoelma said that his sister-in-law loved to spend money on clothes for her niece.

For Krizman, life was not about anything less than being with the people she loved and spreading her glow to those around her, he said.

Krizman’s friends were gathered together on Thursday to grieve over the loss of a friend who acted as “their rock.”

“She was their life coach, their rock, the person they could go to when anything was wrong,” Spoelma said. “We are taking it five minutes at a time.”

“She was perfect,” he added. “It’s not just a word; it’s how she was.”

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