Apr 112007

My life would be so much easier if the automatic towel dispensers on campus would give me enough paper towel the first time around.

You know you’re sick when you hawk-a-loogie and it gets stuck between your two front teeth.

If CSU is so short on cash, why do all of the engineers in the academic village each get a chair that costs $200 each?

I knew this girl from Hawaii and she was a compulsive liar, I just didn’t believe anything she said.

This year marks the 5th in a row that I have voted for the losing candidate in the ASCSU election. Wow, I’m really on a hot streak. Anyone taking bets on next year’s election?

Dear Bookstore, good job on not selling shot glasses… I saved some money to buy one and in case you were wondering I did successfully drink out of a plastic cup instead.

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