Apr 112007
Authors: Emily Polak

Top professors in the area of biofuels research discussed their findings, goals and future projects Wednesday to an electric audience of fellow scientists and global-conscious bystanders.

“This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in solving an important social problem,” said Ken Reardon, a CSU chemical engineering professor and leader in research. “We have so much to offer to this industry here at CSU.”

Several university departments are getting involved in the excitement in hopes of making CSU an example to other research institutions.

“This is a campus-encompassing issue,” said Dr. Bryan Wilson, a mechanical engineering professor and presenter at the event.

Reardon and Wilson, both leaders in the biofules project, hope to see it grow and involve more students.

The colloquium served as a forum for those involved in research related to renewable energy. Graduate students were encouraged to share their research and collaborate with the presenters.

“CSU has a real resource of scientists in all aspects of this research,” said Amy Swan, a graduate student in ecology. “We need to take advantage of the expertise.”

Swan has been working on research related to crops and is excited to be part of the biofules program.

“It is really interesting,” Swan said. “I wanted to be involved because it is on the forefront.”

Reardon is planning to present a proposal to the National Science Foundation, which would help fund research projects that CSU is proposing.

CSU is set to be part of the Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels, or C2B2, a project involving research institutions, businesses and environmental organizations coming together to make Colorado a leader in renewable fuels.

“We are excited to get really underway instead of just talking about it,” Reardon said.

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