Apr 092007

I was riding my bike yesterday and saw that the temperature gauge by the transit center said 43 degrees and the one in the plaza was 50 degrees. No wonder meteorologists can’t predict the weather correctly.

To those who keep writing in trying to find new ways to avoid traffic, parking, biking tickets, etc. I’ve got a trick. It’s worked for me for many years and you may want to give it a try: Obey the law.

One of the best things about coming home to Fort Collins is that my radio pre-sets actually work again! No more fuzzy Spanish channel when I press number 3.

So my friend said he was awoken last night and a ghost was floating above him. He said she was a half-body girl with no face. So I started calling her Miss Whitey and he said if we make fun of a ghost, it will kill you when you sleep. Is this true?

I hate turtlenecks. Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy. All day.

If a compulsive liar tells you that they are lying……are they telling the truth?

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