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Apr 052007

Is it wrong that my roommate and his girlfriend who doesn’t pay the cable bill made us watch court TV instead of the Nuggets beating the Kings again?

The fire inspector for our sorority house parked his truck in the fire zone during the inspection. Isn’t that a violation of fire code?

To the person who wrote about out-of-staters, you should have been smart enough to make sure you excluded Chicagoans, I am very offended. See, Chicago has the same weather, except when it changes from hot to cold for us, its hotter and colder than it is here.

We’re friendly and interesting people. People within the major tend to hang out more often outside of class than other majors do. Our professors are impassioned, yet knowledgeable and approachable people. Yes we take quizzes, but mostly we write essays.

A lot death are in the comics this week. First its Baldo’s mom, and now its Ian Brown’s cartooning career.

I hear a lot of people on campus complaining about how poor they are. I also see a lot of people on campus smoking. Wouldn’t it make sense to just stop wasting money on cigarettes?

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