LTTE: Props to T. Sides

Apr 052007
Authors: Zachary Winslow

I just want to give props to my man T. Sides. Finally, someone is standing up for the oppressed, middle-class, white, Christian-American population of CSU. Although it may be true that countless Africans were enslaved during our country’s participation in the slave trade and that millions of Jews, along with homosexuals, were systematically massacred during the Holocaust, the tables are now turned on us. Now we, the discriminated white Christian-Americans of CSU, are forced to walk by an entire table of books in the library, which nobody even suggests we read, and put up with campus meetings and events, which nobody expects us to nor cares if we attend, that do not directly support our backgrounds or opinions. Thanks Trevor, for representing those of us who have felt the wrath of left-winged academia and for exposing the bogus (yet overwhelmingly supported) scientific theories of global warming and evolution and all of the phony, disgusting moralities (i.e. those that do not stem from Judeo-Christian beliefs) for what they truly are: dirty, liberal lies. However, there is good news, my friend. It turns out that we white Americans can read about our ancestral background and enjoy a time to celebrate our white heritage. All we must do is pick up any United States history textbook written in the last 200 years and/or step outside during the months between March and January. Let the celebration begin. Thanks again, Trev. You are an inspiration to all whiny, middle-class, white, Christian-Americans (with entirely too much time on their hands) everywhere. Rock on, man.

Zachary Winslow



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