Student rights 101

Apr 042007
Authors: Brian Park

“Know your rights!” seminal rock ‘n’ roll band the Clash once screamed.

While the English punk rockers will not be on campus today, Colorado attorneys will be here to explain to people what their constitutional rights are.

“The more people that don’t take advantage of their rights, the more likely they are to be taken advantage of,” said Amanda Broz, president and co-founder of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy at CSU, which is organizing the event.

The free event, entitled “Know Your Rights,” is being held from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in Clark Building A103.

The presentation will focus on how to deal with the police. For instance, what a person can do and say when stopped by the police in their car or visited by the cops at his or her home.

“I want to explain to students my three rules when dealing with the police,” said Rob Lowrey, a staff attorney at CSU’s Student Legal Services and a speaker at the event.

“Be smart, be nice and be quiet.”

Midnight Special Law Collective, an Oakland, Calif.-based non-profit organization, will conduct the interactive presentation. Lowrey, along with two other attorneys, Brian Vicente of Sensible Colorado and Jason Savela of Boulder, will take questions following the presentation.

“You have the right to remain silent and you should use it when dealing with the police,” said Broz, also a graduate student in horticulture at CSU. “As citizens this is something important to know.”

SSDP is part of the national affiliate, which strives to reduce the harm that drugs cause to individuals and society. The group is working on a resolution to be introduced to Associated Students of CSU that would amend the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to not include a question of whether or not an applicant has been convicted of any drug crime. Currently the Aid Elimination Penalty does not allow students to receive federal financial aid if convicted of any drug crime.

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