Apr 042007
Authors: James Holt, Mary Swanson

Hugs, tears, and applause broke out in ASCSU’s chambers last night when it was announced that Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout were the new ASCSU president and vice president.

Gleeson and Trout beat out candidates Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey with 55.48 percent of the total vote.

“I’m in shock,” said a nearly speechless Trout.

“I’m really excited, and very relieved,” Gleeson said, “We ran against some great competition.”

“It was a hard-fought campaign, there is always going to be a loser and a winner,” Blumberg said. “Katie and Trevor did a lot of good work. Sean and I never had any doubt about their qualifications.”

“Obviously, we’re upset we lost, but we ran a clean campaign,” Abbey said. “We’re proud of ourselves.”

Only 18.56 percent of CSU students voted in this year’s election, well below the goal of 25 percent.

But before the results were announced, nerves ran high. Gleeson and Trout retreated to the LSC basement to grab Subway and relax and discuss campaign issues before results were announced.

Gleeson’s boyfriend and CSU alumni, Luke Brunner, shared Trout’s sentiment.

“I’m not nervous, this is my third campaign, and Katie’s an amazing person with amazing goals, I’m really proud of her,” said Brunner, a former ASCSU member. He presented Gleeson with a dozen roses after results were announced.

Blumberg and Abbey reflected on the hardships of the campaign trail.

“I didn’t attend class. and I’m on a full ride academic scholarship,” he said. “We sacrificed our entire lives the last three weeks because we care so much about this process.”

Abbey added that he had lost 5 or 6 pounds.

“I’ve honestly shaken 4,000 hands,” Abbey said.

Three of the campaign issues that Gleeson and Trout plan to begin working on immediately when entering office are lowering the Ramride wait time, reforming CSU parking services, and implementing and open seat notification on Ramweb.

“We’re excited about putting our plans into action, and maintaining greater partnerships with both the Administration and the Collegian,” said Gleeson.

Student voting in the election dropped 2 percent from last year, said Audrey LaSalle, ASCSU’s election manager.

The total voter turnout was 18.45 percent of the student body.

“It’s lower than what we were shooting for,” she said. “But our community did everything we could. I would commend my elections committee on an excellent job.”

The results fell short of the election committee’s 25 percent goal, and 2 percentage points lower than last year’s turnout.

“I think one of the huge reasons was that last year’s campaigns had massive people presence on campus,” LaSalle said. “It was more obvious last year.”

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