Apr 032007

If CSU is so short on cash, why don’t we do something productive to raise money? Like have a bake sale.

What’s up with Whatsitooya calling out Lobster Ave? Joey Ungerer has drawn a line in the sand. It is time to choose sides and I for one fly the flag of Lobster Ave. The CSU Cartoon War is upon us and we should all be scared.

You know it’s time to drop out of engineering when you are given all the answers, in chronological order, before a quiz and still manage to get a 30%. Do communications majors take quizzes?

Does keying a nice car somehow make you feel better about yourself?

Silly person, Facebook’s LivePoke was their April Fool’s joke.

Why is it that none of the out-of-staters believed us when we told them it would snow at least two more times before summer until they were walking to class wearing shorts in the snow? Welcome to Colorado, we know it’s strange.

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