Apr 032007

We need to discover the real root of the problem in the lack of sexual pleasure; emotional dysfunction stemming from multiple partners out of the context of marriage. Fear of becoming pregnant, being left, contracting an STD or HIV, are all worries surrounding pre-marital sex. By practicing abstinence until marriage you are rewarding yourself, as well as your partner with the best gift you can give; your whole self!

Even if your past is filled with the pain of pre-marital sex, it is not too late! So in reference to Kevin Dudley’s article, MEN and WOMEN: You are worth the wait! Dont buy into this false propaganda that the solution of unsatisfactory sex is to imagine your significant other as a piece of trash, or that you deserve to be left for someone else. No one deserves this false, temporary kind of love. Save yourself for something more, you wont regret it!

Jessica Harriman


human development and family studies

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