Apr 022007

So Facebook just introduced “Live Poke.” This means someone will come poke you in person. That has to cross some sort of line doesn’t it?

It is time we stand together CSU. If you see a bike cop poached behind pillars or bushes, warn your peers who will ride past them. Only together can we defeat their power hungry ways. To those who save me another $15 ticket, I will buy you a coffee or a smoothie.

I can’t decide if the Collegian endorsing a candidate is a good thing or a bad thing for that candidate.

Here’s something that will blow your mind. when one is walking

one’s bike, should they be in the bike lane or the pedestrian lane?

Why don’t we get Fridays off like CC? Then our weekends could start on Thursdays…not like they already don’t!

It’s weird enough having to stare at a nude model in your drawing class, but when she stares back at you the whole time, awkward!

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