Apr 012007

Seriously, what is with everyone and Journey lately? I swear, if I hear

“Don’t Stop Believin'” one more time in the Ramskeller, I’m gonna blow a gasket.

Just when I thought Ugg boots were gone for the season, Mother Nature brought them back.

I think it’s really obnoxious and boring that the same two teams that were in the NCAA football championship game are in the NCAA basketball championship game. Where’s my Cinderella?

So anyone else wanting to water the dying grass on the chair in the art building or just me? It looks sad and dry…

Am I going to Hell if I secretly ate all my roommate’s candy that she was saving until after Lent?

Since the Collegian didn’t say a single word about the CSU Cycling Team, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate them on dominating their home race last weekend and having an amazing season so far. Great Job!

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