Mar 262007
Authors: Micah Seyler

As it states at the top of your paper, the Collegian is supposed to be the “Voice of CSU Students…” I have to disagree with this, because in my two years at CSU, I have never seen an article written by or about the Agricultural Sciences College, and have never seen a positive thing said about the Republican Party. And while I believe in free speech, I do not think it is fair to exclude the voice of those of us who feed the world – the Ag kids.

Every day I open the paper to find an article written by a political science or liberal arts major. Now, I know it may be a stretch for some of the journalists to talk to us Conservatives, but I believe there are many great achievements going unrecognized. How many of the Colorado State University students know that there are Livestock, Horse, Meat and Wool judging teams here at CSU? Probably no one outside of the Ag College because they are NEVER IN THE PAPER, even if one of them was to win a contest or a National Championship.

Moreover, I am tired of seeing my president continually bashed and battered in “our” paper. I have not once been asked what my views on Iraq are, or if I agree with President Bush’s plan for increasing troops. When there is an opinion given in the paper about the war, it is never from the view of the Republicans. We don’t have a voice, which seems to go against your motto.

All I am getting at is that the paper is very one sided and left wing. There are many people in the Ag College willing to give you positive input on agriculture if you just ask. We have some of the best professors in the nation in the Ag Sciences College, some that are even known worldwide. Please, just consider opening your minds.

Micah Seyler


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