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Authors: Nikki Cristello

As the Iraq War stumbles into its fifth year, many Americans – and CSU students – are opposed to the escalation of U.S. force.

A recent Collegian nonscientific poll found that 63 percent of students surveyed are not pleased with how the war in Iraq is going.

But the poll also showed that 49 percent of CSU students surveyed couldn’t even point out Iraq on a map of the Middle East.

Bill Chaloupka, CSU political science chair and professor, said that does not surprise him.

“It is really sad, given how often that map has appeared on TV,” Chaloupka said. “The country has gotten a lot of exposure.”

According to the Collegian poll, 57 percent do not support an increase of troops in Iraq, while 26 percent said they are in support and another 17 percent said they aren’t sure.

CSU student opinions seem to reflect those of Americans as a whole.

A CNN poll conducted earlier this month showed only 35 percent of Americans are in support of the war.

When the war began, 68 percent of Americans supported the use of force in Iraq. Now, 61 percent say the invasion wasn’t worth it.

“I supported the initial decision to go to Iraq,” said Josh Novak, a senior political science major. “But now I think we should be done. It’s no longer a war on terror; it’s an attempt to implement our own ideas in Iraq.”

The Collegian poll, however, also showed 11 percent of students who say the Bush administration is right on track.

“I support Bush, I think he has done an awesome job,” said Kristina Mendiola, a freshman business major. “I couldn’t see any other person doing as well as he did.”

Chris Sponheim, a CSU alumnus and Iraq War veteran, said it’s important to remember the soldiers who are fighting, regardless of political affiliation.

“It would be nice if we could come home, but at the same time, it’s not realistic to pull out now,” he said. “If we did, everything we have fought for, all of the lives we have lost would go down the drain in a heart beat.”

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Survey Results:

Survey was conducted Monday between noon and 1 p.m. and Tuesday between 1 and 2 p.m. One hundred CSU Students were surveyed.

1) Are you pleased with how the war in Iraq is going?

a) yes-11

b) no-63

c)not sure-26

2) What is the U.S. doing in Iraq with respect to the troops?

a) increasing troops-90

b) decreasing troops-7

c) withdrawing-3

3) Do you support a troops increase in Iraq?

a) yes-26

b) no-57

c) not sure-17

4) Can you point out Iraq on a map?

a) yes-38:

6 incorrectly identified Iraq

32 correctly identified Iraq

b) no-26

c) I think so-36:

17 incorrectly identified Iraq

19 correctly identified Iraq

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