Mar 202007
Authors: Mary Swanson

Blindfolded females slipped on and rolled off condoms, while both males and females guessed the flavor of dental dams – devices that decrease the chance of getting STDs – n order to win prizes.

“It was a different, entertaining, new experience,” said Aaron Green, a sophomore economics major, sheepishly after winning the dental dam contest by licking the plastic-like substance – it was Kiwi flavored.

The Tuesday night event was sponsored by the Black Student Alliance, and it wasn’t all fun and games. The group wanted to raise awareness about the prevalence of AIDS and other STDs in the black community.

In 2000, about 56 percent of new AIDS cases reported were among the black community, according to the U.S. Census.

About 22 million people have died from AIDS, and another 46 million are expected to within the next few years in Africa, China, and other underdeveloped countries, said Rock Mims, head of the committee.

Taboo was the theme of the educational program designed to increase awareness about safe sexual behavior.

“This year we wanted to do things different and spice things up a bit,” Mims said.

Slumber Parties, a company that specializes in sex toys, added flavor with its presentation.

“We are the fastest growing home business in the world, and all our products are FDA approved,” said Jaime Lamp, a company spokeswoman.

Lamp quit her job four years ago as an elementary school teacher to work for Slumber Parties, and says she makes four times her former paycheck.

In addition to chocolate and aphrodisiacs – such as chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, and pineapples – goody bags were doled out to set a playful mood.

Mikyla Nelson, a freshman open-option major, could barely make it without giggling through her rendition of a poem titled, “I want to have sex with you.”

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