Mar 202007

Tonight, the Associated Students of CSU could take a stance on President Bush’s decision to escalate the Iraq War by sending more troops.

It’s about time.

We have heard arguments from inside and outside the student government about why it’s not the job of ASCSU to take stances on national issues, but they don’t sway us.

Sure, there’s no way President Bush gives a flying you-know-what about what some student senate in Northern Colorado says about his decisions (hey, that’ll put ASCSU in good company, right alongside Congress and the Constitution).

But it’s about taking a moral stance. While we learn and party in Fort Collins, the nation’s best place to live, men and women our age – our buddies we wen’t to school with – are breathing their last breaths in desert sands half a world away.

The least we could do is tell them, in one booming voice, that we care about what they’re doing, and what they’re doing is important enough for us to vigorously debate.

And if ASCSU should represent all students on all issues, as some suggest, then why did it take a stance on Referendum I, a defeated measure that would have provided more rights for same-sex couples?

It looks like ASCSU, and therefore the entire student body, is going to have an official stance on the defining issue of generation before the night is through.

Let’s hope ASCSU doesn’t wiggle out of this one.

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