Mar 082007

I didn’t realize it was Cisco Systems, Inc. that recorded a crappy pop song that soon became the Spring Break anthem of 2000.

Does anyone else read Ramtalk every day half completely dreading and half frantically wishing that they will read about themselves?

The other night, a guy peed in MY bed, didn’t tell me, then left. Isn’t he too old for THAT?

My substitute materials professor talking about glass cracks, beginning almost every sentence with, “As glass cracks…” with his strong accent it came out as “Ass gas cracks…

You would think that when CSU and Fort Collins are hosting the American Collegiate Hockey Association DII National Championship Tournament, the Collegian would want to, I don’t know, maybe publish a story about it!

If I have a crush on a guy that goes to CU-Boulder – does that make me a traitor?

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