Mar 072007

Sex is fun.

Whether it takes place on a romantic, rotating bed beneath an array of mirrors or on a cluster of pine needles in the Poudre Canyon, sex is fun.

Married or not, sex is awesome.

And so is abstinence.

But many young people don’t subscribe to abstinence.

And like many enjoyable experiences, sexy time can be a little tricky.

As some college students embark on Spring Break as a pilgrimage of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, it is important to remember the consequences of frisky foreplay.

The prospect of picking up a sexually transmitted disease should be enough of a deterrent to having unprotected sex. But some need something a little extra.

Take a note from the friend in high school who twice tapped, but only once wrapped: Babies are not cool for school.

It is entirely possible to have an enjoyable college and Spring Break experience with responsibility.

Sure, busting out a condom in the heat of passion isn’t ideal, but neither is herpes.

And putting on a helmet when riding a motorcycle may not look very cool, but it’s a good idea. Just the same, put on a helmet before diving into those silky, smooth sheets, or prickly pine needles.

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