LTTE: The future of America

Mar 052007

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1801, “. how any, who seemed so ardent in this pursuit, could so shamelessly have apostatized, and supposed we meant only to put our government into other hands, but not other forms, is wonderful.”

In 2008 we will elect a new president. What powers will that person accede to? Will they have control over military planning like this president? Given the actions of Congress recently it appears they will be unable to vote to regain their Constitutional powers. That means the next president will inherit these war-time powers.

Hypothetically, let’s say the current Democratic leader in the polls wins. Congratulations, we now have our first female president. Do Republicans feel comfortable giving her the same powers the current president has? One would suspect they don’t.

My message today is we must not turn our backs on the generation of 1776. Let us fight to restore truth, honesty, compassion, and justice to this nation. The generation of 1776 gave us the means to change the government without having to shed our own blood.

Let us use these means before they disappear with time. We need to act now before our form of government has changed, and is controlled by one set of hands.

Greg Zimpfer



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