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Lindsay Davis, last year’s CSU Idol winner, took the stage Friday night, but she didn’t sing. Instead, the sophomore fashion and merchandising major danced a little and blushed a lot.

She was serenaded by this year’s Idol winner, sophomore speech communication major and wide receiver for the Rams Chaz Miles, during his rendition of “Let me love you” by Mario.

Miles, who had all the ladies cheering for him as soon as he took the stage, said he chose Davis because teammate Brian Lepak gestured at her while he sang “Sway” by Michael Bubl/, and he couldn’t let “Lepak out do him.”

“She handled it perfectly,” Miles said. “It was fun. I didn’t expect her to start dancing.”

Although the ladies loved him, not every woman would have been so easily persuaded to get on stage.

“I probably would’ve fainted,” said Ashley Blocton, Association for Student Activity Programs campus community coordinator and primary organizer of the event. Laughing, she added, “You would’ve had to call in the paramedics.”

Miles said his singing ability hasn’t scored him any girls yet, but the Idol competition might help. It did for Lepak, a freshman business major and Rams offensive lineman.

Before singing, Lepak told the audience about a flower and note he found on his bed after church the previous Sunday.

“Kayla, if you’re out there, I don’t remember who you are, but I’d love to meet you,” he said to the audience packed in the Ramskeller.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen people hooking up from CSU Idol,” said event emcee Baker Machado, a senior speech communication major and station manager of KCSU.

Amid songs about cheating, dancing and rednecks, Miles’ second song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe brought emotion to the competition.

“I almost cried,” said Blocton, adding it was her favorite performance of the night.

A religious song may have been risky for the Idol competition, but Miles didn’t care.

“The song is very personal. It’s very special to me,” he said. “I sing for God’s glory, and I felt I needed to do it.”

Nick Villarreal, junior liberal arts major and one of four students judging the competition, said the performance spoke to Miles’ personality.

“I think it’s awesome (that Miles won),” said Idol finalist Lexie Brown, a freshman music therapy major. “He should have.”

Unlike some of her competitors who merely sang for the audience, Brown worked the stage by line dancing and clapping.

“I decided to have fun (with my performance) this week, because I thought (Miles) would win after last week’s competition,” Brown said.

Hosted by Live Life Late and ASAP, this year’s Idol competition began with 35 hopefuls. Twelve sang in the first round last week, and after narrowing the contest to six singers, the audience voted Miles No. 1, followed by Lepak and open-option freshman Danielle Dickey.

Along with bragging rights, Miles took home $150 in STA travel vouchers and a star-shaped glass trophy designed by Blocton.

“All of them are very talented,” Davis said about the top six finalists. “Danielle Dickey has a really incredible voice, and Chaz has an incredible stage presence. But how can I not say that after he serenaded me on stage?”

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