Ram Talk

Mar 012007

Dear girl in physiology class: How do you know how excellent the STD testing and treatment is at Hartshorn? Huh?

I went to the grocery store the other day because I wanted saltines. I buy the store brand (cheap) and I get home and to find out that they are unsalted! Who makes unsalted saltines? Wouldn’t that just make them tines?

New verb: Facebook. In a sentence: Facebook me!

Am I the only pedestrian who wants to clothesline people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk when the street is right there? I fear the law would not support me on this venture however.

To the person who stole my camera: Can you please AT LEAST post and tag the photos on Facebook?

To the d-bag who stole a pair of skis out of a car in the Westfall parking lot, I hope you go skiing with them and crash into the other d-bag who stole the bike at Durward, and both of your lives are ruined.

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