Lewis is true triple threat

Mar 012007
Authors: Sean Star

With her infant son, DaSean, fast asleep on her shoulder, Kendra Lewis patiently waited behind the baseline inside Moby Arena as another weekday practice for the CSU men’s basketball team neared the end of its conclusion.

As the Rams began to file out of the gym, Kendra approached senior point guard Cory Lewis, eager to finally spend some quality time with her husband for the first time all day.

But instead, Cory pumped both arms above his head and pointed toward the gym’s exit, signaling the team had been instructed to hit the weight room.

Kendra’s time with Cory would have to wait another 20 minutes.

“(DaSean and I) only get to see (Cory) for an hour-and-a-half a day,” Kendra said. “He’s ridiculously busy.”

Lewis went from busy to ridiculously busy 15 months ago when his son, DaSean was born – making CSU’s No.4 the role-playing triple threat of a husband, father and student-athlete.

“I feel bad for Cory because he hasn’t gotten to see DaSean grow up,” Kendra said.

But with the Rams’ final regular season game Saturday in Las Vegas against UNLV and the Mountain West Conference Tournament wrapping up the following week, Lewis’ schedule will soon get some much-needed relief.

Although no player will admit to welcoming the end of any season that does not result in a championship, Lewis says finishing his career as a Ram will finally provide him time to “just relax.”

That’s not to say that Lewis is not completely focused on beating the Rebels.

“We have to play great defense, take care of the ball and limit our turnovers and rebound,” Lewis said about how the Rams plan to beat UNLV.

CSU is currently in a three-way tie for fifth place with Wyoming and Utah heading into the final weekend of MWC play with a chance to finish in the top half of the conference standings for first time since 2000-01.

If CSU is able to pull off the upset, it would be the first victory over UNLV in Lewis’ two years in Fort Collins.

The Lafayette, La., native transferred to CSU from Dodge City Community College prior to the start of last season and made an immediate impact on the program, leading the MWC in assists (4.53) per game last year while raising his first child.

Cory and Kendra call DaSean a “blessing” and that he has been nothing short of the perfect son. They even debunked the myth that raising a newborn requires countless nights without sleep, saying that their son has rarely disrupted either’s rest.

While Cory admits that the birth forced him to mature in a hurry, the senior liberal arts major has says he is comfortable with the pace of his life.

Kendra says the entertainment DaSean provides is more than enough to replace a night out parting.

Cory and Kendra met during their freshmen year at DCCC and married in May of 2005.

Assistant coach Myron Guillory said the following about Lewis: “Cory is a true point guard.he is a relentless worker and a tough competitor.”

Men’s basketball beat writer Sean Star can be reached be at sports@collegian.com.

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